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Home Sweet Home Care, Inc

Home Sweet Home Care, Inc

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3949 Lake Shore Dr
Palm Harbor
United States of America

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It is a two step process...

It's a two-step process...


You perform a client assessment and the client contracts your agency for services.


Once the terms of service are agreed upon, the client pays your caregiver an hourly fee of which the agency typically gets more than 50% of the agency billing rate.

Cashflow Equation - The nitty gritty

 If your client contracts for 15-20 hours per week, that would be 60-80 hours per month. By calculating the math, your agency would see a rate of return of $540-$720 per month after payroll for the caregiver. If your agency had a client base of 10 clients with similar contracts, your cash flow would be $5,400 - $7,200 per month. Double the client number to 20 with 15-20 hours/week and your cash flow jumps to $10,800 - $14,400 per month. With 50 clients with similar contracts, it jumps to $27,000 - $36,000 per month.

As you just realized above, your agency does not need a lot of clients before you are earning a significant income. From your gross profit, you must subtract all your overhead expenses to realize your net profit. Your overhead can vary greatly depending on your choices. Home Sweet HomeCare will train you to keep your overhead low to keep your paycheck high!


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